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Mother's Day Is An Emotional Landmine For Me

I have done some bad, bad things. Disastrous things. There is no hope for my salvation. There is no God to forgive me. Rather, I am bound to suffer the anguish of my misdeeds all the rest of my days as punishment for my sins. For I am certain that I contributed to my mother’s death.

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I Have an Excellent Super Power and I Know How to Use It

I suddenly couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move. I knew he was big by how deeply I was buried in his violent embrace. Attacking from behind, he pulled me tighter, covering my face, trying to immobilize me as he began dragging me to a dark corner. 

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What I Did First on the Road to Get Happy

I haven’t lived in a proper house in nearly a decade. In fact, I currently dwell in a space 93% smaller than the 4600-square-foot monstrosity I owned 10 years ago. I have a history, possessions, and a dog all in a home with the footprint of a one-car garage. I live comfortably in a tiny house and I love it.

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