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When Good-Bye is Forever

It's been a year since I sanctioned the ultimate and most incongruous demonstration of love. Euthanizing Bailey. The experience of cradling my living, breathing dog in one moment and weeping over her silent, motionless body in the next is still excruciatingly mind-blowing. 

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Mother's Day Is An Emotional Landmine For Me

I have done some bad, bad things. Disastrous things. There is no hope for my salvation. There is no God to forgive me. Rather, I am bound to suffer the anguish of my misdeeds all the rest of my days as punishment for my sins. For I am certain that I contributed to my mother’s death.

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What I Did First on the Road to Get Happy

I haven’t lived in a proper house in nearly a decade. In fact, I currently dwell in a space 93% smaller than the 4600-square-foot monstrosity I owned 10 years ago. I have a history, possessions, and a dog all in a home with the footprint of a one-car garage. I live comfortably in a tiny house and I love it.

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