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I Discovered How To Earn Money While Traveling

I Discovered How To Earn Money While Traveling

You know those meet-cute stories; discovery of love at first sight? Well, mine isn’t a love story. And perhaps not even quite cute. But it is one of discovery. Not an earth-shattering discovery. More of a male refrigerator blindness type of discovery.

Recently, a friend asked me to review his résumé. This guy is smart, well-spoken, and has a graduate degree. Yet his résumé and his cover letter were so boring, they essentially torpedoed his finest qualities. I couldn’t stand it, so I punched them up. Big time.

A skeptic would suggest I fictionalized a bit to make him a more attractive candidate. Not at all. Instead, I considered what he’d listed, and grilled him about his experience and his education. After translating the information into concise descriptors and numbers, I decided to change the entire layout of the document. Then, I composed a brand new, succinct cover letter to convey his interest and complement the résumé. I was absolutely giddy when I returned the shiny new documents to my friend. 

He was blown away. The content presented in a striking format garnered his stunned response of, “Who is this guy?” He had completely underestimated the scope of his knowledge and accomplishments.  

His reaction was so inspiring, and frankly I so enjoyed the process, that I began investigating résumé writing as a source of income. It seems foolish now, but I hadn’t even known it was a thing. Completely off my radar.

And then it hit me. It meets all my criteria for earning income while I travel.

  1. It’s a useful service 
  2. It works my creative mojo
  3. Clients can connect digitally or by phone
  4. My virtual is office is anywhere with internet access
  5. Payment can be remitted electronically

And, I'm good at it. Boom!

 Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Coincidentally, I learned that I, too, was guilty of misjudging my own font of knowledge. In my past employment, I’d been creating and editing résumés, cover letters, and letters of recommendations for nearly twelve years. My mentor is a leader in her industry and at her institution. Under her guidance, I learned how to evaluate performance, highlight achievements, and translate experience into language that demonstrates meaningful proficiency and productivity.

My bout of male refrigerator blindness. So obvious. Like Dorothy, I always had the power.

It’s been a year since I left my job to pursue life on the road and better mental health. I didn't worry what others might think of my downsizing to live in a tiny house, or my driving for a rideshare, or any of my forays into various means of earning income. Eliminating that pressure freed me to entertain broader possibilities. Even if I was unwittingly blind to my own skill set. 

Now, I’m proud to announce the launch of Better Days Résumés. My contribution to eliminating the refrigerator blindness that afflicts so many job-seekers. I want to help clients discover the value of skills they've underrated. 

Better Days Résumés. The more I say it, the more I like it. It's rhymey. And it conveys optimism. Optimism that I want to share with folks for their own success. 

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