Why I Absolutely Love Being an Airbnb Guest

Despite the late hour, the door is unlocked. I step into a softly lit, attractive space. I close the door and drop my bag. Then, as a child on a treasure hunt, I dash through the house, intrigued, thrilled to discover what each room holds. I can’t deny it; my favorite find is a kitchen stocked with food and a hand-written note from my host. I breathe a happy sigh and begin to settle into my Airbnb home, smiling. And snacking.

Do Not Despair: You Are Your Own Best Hope

This year for the first time my son cast his ballot in a presidential election. The results have him despairing for our future.

We celebrate our Veterans this week. In honor of their service and sacrifice that protects our rights and privileges, and as a citizen and a parent, I teach my son that he must not lose hope in this great democracy.  He can work to be the instrument of the change he wants to see. And so must you.